Monday, May 29, 2006

Ode to the barbecue

There is nothing more satisfying than to finish planting the garden, cleaning up the yard, and mowing the grass. Well nothing except a good old fashioned eat-until-you-explode BBQ, especially if you can invite friends and co-workers over to help you eat the 20 lbs. of beef, 10 lbs. pork, and 5 lbs. of wieners that will inevitably be purchased and added to the grill as the day progresses.

Yep, you guessed it. We finally finished the spring chores, with the exception of late spring planting, and were able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the yard. It was especially lovely yesterday with the Chestnut tree in full bloom, the grass was freshly cut, and the landscaping we did earlier in the spring really adding a splash to the yard. The bird feeders were in full swing much to the delight of our guests. We even had a surprise visit from an Oriole as he chased a Grackle through the yard.

The dogs enjoyed the BBQ as much as the rest of us as guests "accidentally" dropped a piece of steak or hotdog on the ground. The delight of the day was when a coworker of PeterC's brought his two year old son over. Even though the dogs has been eating all afternoon, they quickly learned that an active two year old will drop more food on the ground than they could comfortably eat.

"No worries", I told the mother. "The raccoons and skunks will clean up whatever the dogs leave behind." Her eyes glazed over and she looked slightly embarrassed before Keegan was off and running again, mercifully taking her mind off the idea of wild animals in the yard.

When the guests finally left, the sun was sliding peacefully behind the horizon. With much chatter and thanks they left to find a comfy chair to fall asleep in, like lions fat on the antelope. It's a shame they couldn't stay long enough to see the Faerie lights come out.

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